Peeping Flowers


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Those who know my jewellery designs well will know I have a flower obsession and I can't seem to stay away from them when creating jewellery.  Last week I had a pause from custom orders and started sketching and doodling.  I picked up some wire and some off cuts of flowers and created these earrings which I've named 'Peeping Flowers' as it looks to me as if the flowers are peeping through the frame!

Sterling Silver Peeping Flowers Earrings


Of course, once I created these, I started thinking about further Peeping Flower designs.... What if I changed the shape of the frame?... What if I changed the position of the flower?... I tried a circular frame... 


Sterling Silver Peeping Flowers Circle Earrings


Next I wondered how I could incorporate a gemstone within a Peeping Flower design and also changing the flower to a wire flower...

Rhodolite Garnet Sterling Silver Peeping Flower Earrings


Although this version was quite fiddly to create, and I had to be patient and careful with the heat of my torch,  I am really happy with it and am planning more of the same with different gemstones.  I kept changing my mind on which gemstone to set in these earrings and ended up going with these dark pink rhodolite garnet but I am also imagining this design in blue and purple and green and orange.....