Gemstone Rings


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Recently I have been challenging myself to make rings using different techniques... 

My latest creation features a bezel set square faceted cushion cabochon.  It was really satisfying filing down the back plate to the bezel and making the join seamless (it felt a bit like magic!).

Amethyst Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring


I have also been making rings using a basket set faceted stone.  This is really fiddly but I found using my new ball burrs and stonesetting burrs really helped the stone sit in the setting.

Peridot Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring


Following a demonstration by Soham Harrison on YouTube (he is SO good!), I made another ring using a claw setting.  Again the burrs really helped and I have also bought a small table top vice which held the ring whilst I set the stone.

Citrine Sterling Silver Gemstone Ring